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Get Qurr for building muscle, the ultimate fat-burner. Qurr is clinically proven to help you build more lean muscle than with protein alone. Build muscle faster.
Lose fat. Get Toned!
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Get Toned Faster
Qurr Toned’s active ingredient, Fortetropin® reduces Myostatin and enhances protein allowing your body to build muscle faster than protein alone. Despite its fantastic results, Qurr Toned is not a steroid or artificial supplement.
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What Is Fortetropin®?
Fortetropin® is an innovative bioactive ingredient which contains proteins and other bioactive molecules isolated from fertilized egg yolk using a patented process which preserves the biological integrity and bioactivity of the mixture.
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Qurr Toned Blog
  • Do you dread stepping on the scale?  It’s okay if you do.  I have dreaded stepping on the scale for a long time.  I think that I dread stepping on the scale the most after the Christmas Holidays.  At a previous company that I had worked for, they had a tradition of hosting a legendary Holiday Party, complete with a multi-tier chocolate fountain.

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  • Exercising on a regular basis is vital in order to stay in shape, but one of the problems with exercise is that sometimes we tend to overcompensate for the calories that we burned while exercising...

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  • So why did Fortetropin make me have flashbacks of Rocky and listening to “Eye of the Tiger” during my formative years?

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