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Turbo charge your muscles with our natural product Fortetropin® clinically shown to build muscle faster than protein alone when used as part of resistance training. Give your muscles what they crave.
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Get Strong Faster
Qurr STRONG’s active ingredient, Fortetropin® reduces Myostatin and improves your body’s utilization of protein which allows your body to build muscle faster than protein alone. Despite its fantastic results, Qurr Strong is not a steroid or artificial supplement.
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What Is Fortetropin®?
Fortetropin® is a delicious powder made from the most nutrient-dense food on earth: fertilized egg yolk. Using our patented technology, which preserves the biological integrity and bioactivity of the mixture, we are able to give you what was already great in nature and make it even better. Simply put: Eggs + Science = Fortetropin®
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