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The Research Study

Fortetropin® was featured in Journal of the American College of Nurtition, (Volume 35, 2016 - Issue 8). An overview of the research article is presented here.

Matthew H. Sharp, Ryan P. Lowery, C. Brooks Mobley, Carlton D. Fox, Eduardo O. de Souza, Kevin A. Shields, James C. Healy, Ned Q. Arick, Richard M. Thompson, Michael D. Roberts & Jacob M. Wilson (2016) The Effects of Fortetropin® Supplementation on Body Composition. Strength, and Power in Humans and Mechanism of Action in a Rodent Model, Journal of the American Colleage of Nutrition,35:8, 679-691, DOL: 10.1080/07315724.2016.1142403

The Fortetropin® Difference

About the Study

Double blind, placebo controlled, randomized, parallel, 3 months of daily dosing of Fortetropin® in males. Fortetropin® (1x and 3x) Supplement and placebeo were mixed in a daily shake and given to participants.

45 males randomized in 3 arms; age range of 19.7+ 1.5 years;
weight range of 70.6+10.4 kg
Monitored and supervised resistance training 2x per week; individual diets were prescribed by a dietician such that macronutrient profile was similar in all 3 groups.
Primary endpoints were changes in lean muscle mass and thickness

The Results

Fortetropin® Increases Muscle Size and Mass

Lean Body Mass (Kg)

* p<0.05 delta compared to placebo

Muscle Thickness (cm)

Fortetropin® Reduces Levels of Serum Myostatin

* p<0.05 delta compared to placebo

Fortetropin® Does Not Impact Serum Lipid Profile


Fortetropin® supplementation increases lean body mass and muscle thickness.

No adverse events noted in any subject.

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