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Professional Performance
With Qurr Pro, performance starts in the muscles. Qurr Pro powered by Fortetropin® is a natural product that increases muscle size and lean body mass.
Qurr Pro powered by Fortetropin® is effective in increasing muscle mass as part of your training program which helps elite athletes to improve performance levels.
What Is It Made Of?
Qurr Pro’s active ingredient, Fortetropin® reduces Myostatin and enhances protein allowing your body to build muscle faster than protein alone. Despite its fantastic results, Qurr is not a steroid or artificial supplement. Fortetropin® is an innovative bioactive ingredient which contains proteins and other bioactive molecules isolated from fertilized egg yolk using a patented process which preserves the biological integrity and bioactivity of the mixture.
Which Pros?
Qurr Pro can be an effective tool for athletes of all types participating in military-style exercises, bodybuilding, long-distance aerobics, resistance training, competitive sports or conditions similar to those deployed by our military. Users of Qurr Pro have reported increased lean muscle mass and size.
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