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Two years ago in a 90-day human clinical study...

Two years ago in a 90-day human clinical study at University of Tampa, we showed that our Fortetropin® product helped participants to gain lean muscle mass when used in conjunction with resistance training. We have a product that can help you gain more muscle mass and will put our money where our mouth is. 

Take the 90-Day Qurr Challenge and prove it to yourself: 

1. Take one pack of Qurr a day for three months 
2. Take a photo before you start and a photo after 90 days​ 
3. Work out with weights at least twice a week

​ ​

If you do not see results in 90 days, we will give you your money back.  (See details in Refund Policy below.) 


90-Day Qurr Challenge Refund Policy

If you do not see results in 90 days, mail or email us your date-stamped before-and-after 90-Day Challenge pictures along with your purchase order number and a brief explanation of your experience with the product.  We will initiate the refund process of your purchase price within seven (7) days of receipt of these items.


This refund offer is valid one time only, and limited to one offer per person.


Mail/email address:


MYOS RENS Technology Inc.

Attn:  90-Day Challenge

45 Horsehill Road, Suite 106

Cedar Knolls, NJ  07927



And, if you ARE happy with the results, which we fully expect… 

You can get a 25% discount off your next order if you:  send us your before-and-after “90-Day Qurr Challenge” pictures and a brief description of your experience using Qurr products that we may publish on our website and social media (use email or address above).  Discount applicable to next purchase only of any product quantity listed on our website, and limited to one order per person.


Enjoy the Qurr Challenge!  Live Well, get Toned and be Strong!