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Muscle Health Mission

Muscle Health Mission

As the business contributor to “The Steve Harvey Show,”  I often get introduced to interesting guests while in the green room or makeup room. On this particular day, I was introduced to Heather Thomson one of the Co-Stars of The Real Housewives of New York. She and I started talking about each of our missions and passions and quickly discovered we had some overlapping high-reaching goals for ourselves and fellow women. I love meeting other strong women with a passion. Part of my purpose in life is to help women explore the amazing beauty and passion each one of us imbue. Heather and I both believed the best way to conquer a mental barrier was to take on a physical challenge. This allows you to use the physical challenge as a metaphor.  Heather and her best friend Memmy were actively involved with a charity called “ No Barriers.”  It was through this charity they were introduced to the idea of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. I knew in that moment we needed to not only climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, we needed to bring other women together to face their own challenges and break through their barriers using the mountain as a catalyst to break through right along with us. #Kiliclimb 2016 was born.

At the time I had just started taking a product to help me with some of my own health challenges. Changing of my body composition had been becoming more and more of a challenge as I approached the milestone of the big 50. Let's just say I looked better upside down then right side up as I was definitely losing my muscle tone. That product I turned to was Qurr Toned because it is formulated to help women improve their muscle health and body composition. When the executive management team behind Qurr heard we were going to bring awareness to women’s health and wellbeing they decided to join the mission. Qurr Toned shared their excitement to support women in their goals to overcome barriers and obstacles that held them back and often affected their health. The big message at Qurr is “Strong is the New Sexy”. As women, we need to be physically and mentally strong to address all the business and personal needs that fall on our plate daily. For many of us, this includes the needs of our parents, spouses, and children.


What I experienced on the mountain was nothing short of miraculous in my mind. I had many doubts and was not convinced I would be able to make it to the top. My training was shorter than it should have been, and my physical state was not where I wanted it to be when I entered Tanzania. I can tell you that there were 18 women on the climb, from all walks of life, some of them very prepared and others more like me, doing something they never imagined for themselves in a million years. We had an expert expedition leader, Jeff Evans, High-Altitude PA and Professional Guide who had successfully summited Kilimanjaro 21 times before with a 90% summit success for his groups. As experienced as he was he had never seen such a large all female group take on an expedition like Kilimanjaro. To that matter, no one we encountered in Africa had seen an all female expedition group of our size. 

Of the 18 women, 15 made it to the top, 3 did not! 13 of the 15 ended up on Diamox, a high-altitude medication, to minimize the symptoms and side effects of Altitude Sickness. These women were all between the ages of 30-60. I was in a group of 5 women, with no climbing experience and we were definitely way out of our comfort zone, some had never even camped. In addition, I have a hip injury and was 15 - 20 lbs heavier than I had been in almost 9 years so I was in no way prepared for what Kilimanjaro was going to reveal to me. Interestingly, I was one of the 2 women who didn’t need to take the Diamox.  Now I am not sure I can directly relate my making it to the top to taking the Qurr product, but I can tell you that I felt better than most of my fellow climbers in the high altitude.  I truly felt that Qurr helped me feel less pain and inflammation during the climb and felt it was key in the recovery after returning home.  Several women were out of commission for over a week upon returning, something that google search says is common and for me something I did not suffer from.  I believe I felt more natural energy and had an easier recovery day after day. I seemed better off than those who were not taking the Qurr product.

Now that I am back into my old routine, I am more convinced than ever that I need to learn more about resistance training to complement and enhance my taking the Qurr product. I know now that I really need to put my health much higher on my priority list. I can not say I am where I need to be but I can say that I am making life long small changes that are moving me closer and closer to living a healthy lifestyle. 

I want to say a huge thank you to Qurr Toned for their support for the mission to help educate women on the importance of muscle health. The team behind Qurr helped this group of amazing women on one of the biggest adventures of our life. I am proud of every single woman that stepped foot on that mountain. Life is definitely a journey, not a destination. Each one of us took something very powerful away from our journey on the mountain. I personally would like to say thank you for helping me achieve a goal that I once thought not only improbable but impossible!

Thank you Qurr Toned! I wouldn’t have wanted to do it without you! Strong really is the new sexy!

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