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90-Day Beverly Hills Challenge

90-Day Beverly Hills Challenge

I recently turned 50 and like many others, I started noticing changes in my body and health over the last 12 months. One of the symptoms of change has been my body composition. I noticed that I was gaining weight gradually but steadily and it seemed as if it wasn’t going to stop. I of course first looked at my diet and lifestyle to see if anything had changed, and really aside from the typical stress of being a working woman and single mom most everything was the same. Yet here I was tired, gaining weight and generally feeling less equipped to handle the day-to-day task list without the help of caffeine, which also seemed to be losing its ability to “pick me up”.


Luckily, I had found a company with a product called Qurr Toned especially formulated for women to rebuild, renew & rejuvenate my body. I understood rejuvenate and renew, but what did they mean by rebuild? I quickly learned that this product was specially formulated to help women like me retain and rebuild lean muscle, which was a vital part of my body’s metabolism and a major contributor to general well-being and immune health. Needless to say, I was encouraged and excited to have some help in what seemed to me to be a losing battle over the last 12 months.


I started to take the Qurr products to support my new health plan and needed to incorporate the recommended 3-5 days a week of strength training to complete the health plan. This was new to me, running or aerobic exercise was what I grew up doing to lose weight so I was apprehensive and uneducated to what resistance training / Strength Training looked like. Thankfully, I heard about the 90 Day Beverly Hills Challenge being spearheaded by Grant Roberts, the personal trainer to the stars, created to further his mission, and many others, to abolish the current BMI index that has been used for decades to measure obesity and healthy body measurements and to help people focus on building lean muscle mass for optimum health. For years the medical and health industries have made excuses for the BMI Index using it with a grain of salt and explaining how it doesn’t work for everyone.

To help accomplish this goal Grant partnered with Qurr Toned to raise awareness on the importance of muscle and the proper measurement of body composition. Grant has been using a body scanner to accurately measure all of the components of body composition so we can get exact measurements of the two main factors that we are looking to alter that affect health and aesthetics, Fat and Muscle. It is important for everyone to know that when you incorporate muscle building into your plan your weight will go up initially because muscle weighs more than fat. If you are looking to lose weight the best thing to do first is gain muscle to improve your bodies metabolism. Then you look and feel leaner, stronger and your body naturally burns more fat, higher metabolism, whether you are resting or active. 

I am excited to be a part of this challenge for a number of reasons. Some of which might surprise you…

#1 - Seeing my real composition and 3D scan gave me added incentive to work harder. It truly was a 3D mirror that I couldn’t deny.

#2 - Learning how important building muscle is and that it is “OK” to be free from the depressing scale, I had grown to hate. Getting rid of the daily routine of getting on my regular scale was not only encouraged it was a downright order! “The weight scale is so deceiving when you are changing your lifestyle, it is old, antiquated, deceptive and discouraging” It simply doesn’t give you an accurate depiction of what is happening in the world of fat loss and muscle gain. ~Grant Roberts

#3 - Having a start and a goal date has really helped me stay focused and committed. Let’s face it life has a way of happening when you are making other plans. This Challenge and the support of Qurr Toned has really helped me feel better and stay on target. I feel energized have less pain and more flexibility.

I am excited to start this journey and can’t wait to share my results at the end of my 90 Days. But most importantly it feels great to really focus on myself and my well-being.

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